When we first began shipping large quantities of guitars, one of the biggest challenges we faced was continually finding suitable packaging for electrics, acoustics, basses and guitars with cases. This led us to design our own telescopic guitar boxes which are suitable for every guitar we send. Our boxes are 0.9cm thick each, and because of the design this means that the central part of the box where the two halves overlap is 1.8cm thick, upto quadruple the thickness than your average guitar box. 


Our boxes come in two sizes, the small boxes should be used for uncased electric guitars and bases. The larger boxes allow for padding around an acoustic guitar and are designed to fit a guitar in a jumbo case.

You will find our products on other sites however we guarantee that this is the cheapest place to buy our packaging online.  If you regularly sell guitars and would like a trade account you can apply for one below. We can consider applications for as little as three boxes per order.

Single Boxes