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Sell To Us

As one of the UK's leading second hand specialists, focussing solely on our industry leading collection service, we have proven ourselves to be the best method of selling second hand equipment in a hassle free way. 

Whilst our competitors may offer to match our prices, we still offer the most complete service, with our collection option continuing to offer the best packaging, dedicated customer service and provide full protection against loss or damage under our postage guarantee.

Complete our form above to see how much we would offer.

How It Works

1. We Quote

It all starts by asking for a quote. Complete one of our forms above telling us everything you can about your guitar. ​If you accept our offer we will send you out our purchase invoice with our terms and conditions.

2. We Collect

After you have e-signed our contract we will send you our specialised packaging kits and a 24 hour shipping label for you to ship your guitar to us. ​You can either choose to have the guitar collected from your door or you can drop it off at a local post office.

3. We Pay

When we receive your guitar, it will be appraised by our repairs department. We will process payment or contact you within 24 hours.

 Last year we paid out in full over 99.5% of the time.

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Why Choose Us?

We Provide The Packaging

If you accept our offer we will provide you with everything you need to send your guitar to us.

We also provide a pre paid shipping label and arrange for collection, meaning you have nothing to worry about!

Price Match

Not only do we provide you with our packaging and our Risk Free Postage Guarantee, we will still always review our competitors cash price whilst offering our industry leading service. 


If one of our competitors has offered you more cash for your item please let us know and we can usually match their offer.


We Pay Out In Full

Last year we paid out in full on over 99.5% of our invoices. We try to make our process as easy as possible. If you want to read more about our appraisal process, Adam North, our director of repairs has written about how our appraisal process works here.

Risk Free Postage Guarantee

If you use our packaging correctly and your guitar gets lost or damaged in the post. We will pay your invoice in full.

We Pay Quickly

We usually pay the day we receive the guitar and promise to pay within 24 hours. 

At its quickest the whole process can be completed in just three days.

There Are No Additional Fees

While our offer is less than the sale price on a site like eBay (we usually offer between 60-70% of sale prices). It is important to factor in sale fees.

Don't Just Take Our Word For It!

Our reviews are based just on our guitar buying service. While some of our competitors have much more feedback than us, if it is all from people who have bought guitars it isn't actually a review of the service you are about to use.

You can see our Trust Pilot  reviews by clicking here.


If you accept our cash offer we will give you 1 reward point for every pound we give you.

If you trade with us we will give you 2 reward points for every pound in the trade in value.

If you sell to us for cash you can redeem 1000 points to get an extra £5 in cash.

If you use your points towards a trade we will give you the normal £10 per 1000 points.