Commission Sales

Why Sell Through Us?

Here at Sell Us Your Guitar we do commission sales a little differently. Our commission procedure is designed to give you lots of freedom when it comes to selling your guitar. It is ideal for people with a guitar worth £800+, who are happy to wait a little longer to get payment but want all the protections that selling through a shop provides.

By selling through us your guitar will be covered by our Risk Free Postage Promise so you know that you will be paid the full amount you have requested if your guitar is lost or damaged in the post. 

In addition for 3% of the sale price you can purchase return protection. With this you will be paid the day after your guitar sells. If the guitar is returned, you will get keep the money we have paid out

We use a building bricks approach to our fees meaning you only pay for the services that you actually need to sell your guitar. For example if you sell through us and drop the guitar off at our shop. You will only pay for packaging we actually use it.


We Sell Online

While we have a bricks and mortar store. Our business is primarily online based. However we sell your guitar we will make sure it is listed to a broad range of people.

Sell As A Business

Many people are more comfortable buying their guitar from an established business. Even if they are buying on Gumtree or Facebook. 

By offering this you will increase the

people willing to buy your guitar and sometimes the price you will achieve.

Top Rated Seller 

We are an eBay top rated seller and a Reverb Preferred Seller. 

By allowing us to sell your guitar. In some cases people filter their search results to only include preferred sellers.

Cheaper Than eBay

In some cases our process is cheaper than eBay. Our rates are as low as


10.26% + £56

For a guitar worth £2200 you would get more in your pocket through us.

You Keep Control

We will work with you every step of the way to get make the right decision.

You will keep control of how to sell. You can see an example sale below.

Sell Worldwide

We have experience shipping guitars worldwide and have sold to Europe post-Brexit. 

By allowing us to handle shipping you can increase the number of people viewing your gutiar, without having to worry about shipping.

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The Process

However you choose to sell your guitar through us we are committed to making the process as simple as possible while giving you the best possible return for your instrument.

Step 1)  Get a valuation on our website

Step 2) Book an appointment with our commission sales team. We will discuss the sale of your guitar. 

Step 3) You can either drop the guitar off at our showroom or we can send packaging out to you and arrange for it to be collected.

Step 4) Adam North Guitars will examine your guitar and write a Luthiers Report

Step 5) Our Sales Team will write a listing for your Guitar

Step 6) When your Guitar sells we can pay you the next working day*

* Next working day only available if you purchase return protection.

Our Fees

Fixed Fees

These fees apply to all sales.

Listing and Luthier Fee


Your guitar will be checked over by Adam North Guitars and a Luthier report will be written. We will photograph your guitar and research the specifications. You can find examples of our listings on our shop.

Transaction Fee


We will charge this fee to cover the costs of taking payment for your gutiar. 



We only take our 7% commission on the money that you will actually receive, after all the previous deductions are accounted for.

Postage Fees

These fees apply when we post your guitar. You can reduce them by dropping the guitar off with us.

Packaging Fee


If we have to use our custom packaging in the sale of your guitar we will charge you a fee. You will only pay this fee once and it will need to be paid if your guitar is shipped at any point. If you drop the guitar off with us the fee will be cheaper because we do not have to ship the box to you.
It will also be cheaper if your guitar can fit in our small box.

Postage Fee


We charge this fee every time we ship your guitar. If it is lost or damaged in the post you will be covered by our risk free postage promise. This will mean that you will be paid the amount you would have received had the guitar not been damaged. This fee only covers UK sales and will be higher if an international order is made.


These fees will apply to some sales.

Final Value Fee

10% eBay/ 6% Reverb

If your item sells on eBay or Reverb (you can choose not to sell by any channel or to sell for a higher price to reflect the fee)

Return Protection


Under UK law we have to offer a 30 day return policy for distance selling. You have two choices


  1. You can take out return protection on the sale of your guitar, we will charge you a 3% fee of the selling price to do this.

  2. Alternatively we will pay you 31 days after the guitar has been received by the buyer. If the guitar is returned in that time you will be charged for posting the guitar to the buyer (the buyer will have to pay return shipping) & we will charge you a relisting fee of £20 to cover the work done in checking and processing the return.

Bench Fee


We charge this fee if our Luthier has to perform basic work on your guitar. We will also charge this fee for a vintage guitar to reflect the extra work involved in  producing a luthier report.


Usually we would only do this if we believe that the action on a guitar would make it more likely to be returned or if the guitar needed a clean.

If it just needs a new set of string we charge £20 for a restring (including strings).


If you sell through us you 1 reward point for every pound you spend in commission.

If you use your points to pay for commission you will get £5 off per 1000 points.