String Club

Every week one member of our string club wins a set of Ernie Ball Strings and a T-Shirt. You do not need to buy or sell to us in order to enter the club. You can have up to three entries every week by completing the following actions.

Route 1

You will gain one entry into the draw if you "like" our Facebook page which you can find below.

Route 2

You can also enter our competition by signing up for an account with us.

Route 3

You can also enter our competition by following us on Instagram.


What Is String Club?

Every week we hold a draw of all the people who like us on Facebook/ Follow us on Instagram or have an account with us.

Do I have to buy from you/ sell to you to enter?

No, anybody can enter string club.

What will you do with my data?

We will only use your data to contact you if you have won.

We will not send you emails asking you to buy one of our guitars or for you to sell us yours.

We also will not sell your data on to any third party.

You can read our full privacy policy here.

So one person wins every week?

Pretty much. We started string club to promote good guitar health. You should change the strings regularly.

Our resident Luthier changes his every month,


Ultimately we understand that none of our services our impulse buys. We hope that if you are looking for a new guitar or if your guitar needs a repair, a service or even a new home, that you will have a chat with us to see if we can help.


Are there any Terms & Conditions?

Aren't there always?! You can find a full list of the Terms & Conditions here.

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