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Here at Sell Us Your Guitar our resident guitar techs, Adam North Guitars aim to make your guitar the best it can be. This might be carrying out its annual service, performing repair work or modifying your guitar.

You can drop your guitar off at our shop in Ashton-Under-Lyne or our drop off point in Great Harwood.

We offer a postal option for some our services.

All of our works starts with a free evaluation please complete a form below to begin the conversation.

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Our Services 

We can arrange an overhaul or Fret work to be completed by post. We will send you packaging, organise collection from your house and arrange delivery there is a £50 fee in addition to the service for this.

While we will set your instrument up and pack it carefully please be aware that your instrument may move in transit which will mean that you will have to make some small adjustments after you have received your guitar.



Contact Us to see how we can help make your instrument the best it can be!


£10  (+Strings)

New set of strings from your instrument. Include a clean of the guitar body and neck.


From £15

From soldering a wire to making a custom loaded pickguard. One of the best ways to upgrade your instrument.

Spot Dress


One uneven fret can cause less sustain and a buzz. Can be fixed with this service.

Headstock Repair

From £30

New set of strings from your instrument. Include a clean of the guitar body and neck.


£35  (+Strings)

Instrument Service.

Recommended once a year.

Full once over and restring.


£70 (+Strings)

A more in-depth service, ideal for older instruments that haven't been serviced for a while.  We will strip your instrument down, clean it then service and restring it. 

Fret Dress

£90 (+Strings)

Worn frets given a new lease of life. The frets will be levelled and crowned.

The guitar then gets a full set up.


From £150  (+Strings)

With frets of your choosing, make your instrument last another generation. Stainless Steel frets available for £250.

Includes a full overhaul.


You will earn 2 points for every £1 spent on repairs

If you use your points towards a repair you can redeem 1000 points for £20