Valuing a Guitar

Updated: Apr 7

Valuing a guitar is not an exact science and there are multiple different factors that need to be considered when doing so, this guide is intended to give a clearer illustration of how we value guitars in order to make offers. Remember all offers are calculated manually so if you feel we are way off the mark please let us know and we are happy to take another look.

Our Process

When you submit a quote we will ask you to send us pictures of the guitar along with any other information you might have.

We will look if similar examples to your guitar have sold recently on eBay & Reverb. We will also consider our previous experience of selling that make/model & our current stock levels. Once we have a value we will normally offer you between 65-70% of the guitars second hand value.

When you are looking to value a guitar there are three traps that many people fall into.

1. Take sentimentality out of the equation

As previously mentioned there are lots of different factors to consider, however sentimentality is not one of them. Guitars are inherently personal items and this can often cause people to value their guitars higher than they’re actually worth. It is worth deciding before selling a guitar with high sentimental value whether you truly want to sell.

2. ‘As New’ is not the same as ‘New’

When you buy a brand new guitar from a shop it is not just the condition of the item you are paying for, you are also paying VAT which is charged by the shop and more than often you receive a manufacturers warranty. Once the guitar is purchased then VAT is not a factor and often the warranty is no longer valid. This is why a guitar which is in mint condition is no longer worth what you paid for it, even if this was only a month ago.

One of the most common responses our customers give when receiving our offer is ‘but the guitar is brand new?’.

3. Asking isn’t getting

One of the main factors which can cause confusion are unrealistic asking prices on selling platforms. Unfortunately, if someone is asking for £600 for their Mexican Standard Strat, this does not actually affect the real value. Always check ‘Sold’ listings when trying to decide on a value, both Reverb and eBay have this function and as the most popular sites for selling guitars these are often the best places to check for a valuation.

Ultimately the best way of finding out our offer is by asking us!

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